Talk to me. A Veggie Container

While throwing out the veggie box from the fridge, I quickly glanced at the label and realized they could give a fuck about me. This led me to jot down a few of the ideas I figured must of been behind the creative process.

Spring Mix Conference Room

1.Guys don’t eat vegetables
-Call it “Organic Girl” so that it resonates with our core female audience.
-Girls love the color red. Make “girl” red.

2.People love “organic” shit. Cuz well, it’s better
-Display “organic” on label more than once.
-Convey idea that product+consumer = better “organic.”
-Emphasize statement with graphics. It’s very important!
==>BOOM! got it… ¬†I *heart graphic* organic. + CIRCLE

3.High Quality Product
-Let them know that our shit definitely has no salmonella!
-Convey idea of “rigorous quality assurance” concisely.
==>Boom! ok… Washed (cubed) + Washed 3 times

4.Green and sustainable must be part of message
-Container is 100% recyclable
-Produce made in USA

5.It’s a vegetable!
-Put some vegetable graphics on the label. Not too many though. Message needs to be clean and clear!
-Incorporate the color green as it conveys both the idea of vegetables and sustainability.