Online Mafioso Falls Short

A little late to the party, I scoured the net trying to get the last few Joey Bada$$ mixtapes. Three things stood out after this brief sidetracked adventure.

1- After two full successful years in the underground game this kid still doesn’t have an efficient, centralized self controlled online presence for content distribution. His Facebook and Twitter are filled with too much noise. Next best option were third party online mafiosos to get albums.

2- Online mafioso’s monetization tactics work when few other options are available. Badass Captcha 2

3- Broken, ugly, archaic user experience no longer cut it. Above options were apparently only good enough for throttled download speeds.

1% complete after 30 seconds, I cancelled. Problem solved minutes later on via torrent.


**Update**: Distribution channel is “kind of” there ( but discovery blueprint is lacking.